Seminars, trainings… border the pitch to increase creativity and collaboration

tete article 06.2021

Your meetings, seminars or trainings do not fully meet your expectations, potentially the explanation can be found in the lines below.

Sometimes meetings at work are not productive, lacking a clear agenda. Or expected deliverables are not precise enough … A seminar, whose expectations were not well defined, will likely deliver poor results, not concrete enough or even generate action items that will not get adherence at the operational level. Same applies for a course or a training.

What can be a common starting point generating these concerns? Mainly a frame that is not precise enough or not understood. However to encourage expression of the group creativity,  stacking several workshops or activities will not be sufficient. But as a moderator asking yourself the question “what is the purpose to do this/that?” I do this sub-activity or this roleplay, this will be key … as well as planning the right timing. I will comment  in another article the content of a workshop and associated moderating techniques in order to achieve a deliverable generating constructive collaboration and motivation.

In the picture below, you will see an example of what I use to plan the agenda for a 3h30 training intervention, including both theory and hands-on workshops. Within this frame, I can play in my moderation and each of the participants receives a clear message about WHAT? WHY ? and HOW?

Sometimes I do not even show it but I explain it at the start of the session after check-in to get more attention from the group. Another quite interesting learning, I have the freedom to let it drift if the need arises and then to recenter the audience on the objective of the session and the consequences for the group. After a mindful decision can be made by the participants. It is a powerful strengthening way to increase a group’s confidence to act as an active player in the workshop and associated deliverables.

And you ? Do you share the idea that a well-defined framework is ultimately necessary to allow collective intelligence to freely emerge?

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