Towards your Ikigaï

You wish to learn more about a simple word that could drastically change your life? IKIGAÏ.

In 2020 when brainstorming to identify my value propositions, I looked at what I wanted to do, what was really motivating me (my move to act). Then I took a white sheet and put myself in the shoes of the people and businesses I wanted to collaborate with. Usually communication specialists will resume this like identifying your “Persona“. I then took some time to think about what their needs are and I also asked following questions in my network: “How can a coach support you? “,” What are your current challenges within your organization? “, ” What are your needs in terms of process? Organization? “,” Is collective intelligence valued in your company? With your business partners? », etc …

Then a new sheet for the market, the environment, how does it look like presently? What are his needs? What are the major trends?

Finally, I stood in front of my whiteboard and listed everything I can do, my talents, and the strengths I could use to find my place somewhere in designed picture.

In fact without really knowing it, I had just found my Ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese term that covers notions of pleasure and search for meaning.

Long story short, whether for me and my activity, for my professional clients, for the people I support in coaching, everything comes back the 4 pillars of Ikigai: what the world needs, what I like , what I’m good at, what I can be paid for.

Then I combined the motto of my company and the Ikigai of my clients. My search for meaning was over and it became cristal clear where I could support them.

And whether through coaching, where the coach supports his client towards more personal satisfaction and self-confidence. Whether in consulting where the consultant will work for his client to for example improve his processes. Acting as facilitator for a seminar to foster collective intelligence. Or the trainer who will give keys to his audience in order to develop a know how to apply in their current or future jobs … Ultimately it all comes down to move towards something that makes sense either for individuals or for an organization at a given time.

I insist on “at a given point” as Ikigai can change over the course of a lifetime. And that’s what makes this article apply to individuals as well as companies. And at every stage of your personal development, as at every stage of the company’s evolution, it’s important to realign with it. Otherwise we leave control of our daily life to others or we leave gaps to our competitors. This emphasizes the importance of being aligned with our deepest needs as people and that every morning clients are naturally excited to work with your organization.

And YOU? Now or tomorrow, what makes you get up every morning? What is the purpose of your business? His vision ? Do you also know the purpose of your customers and strategic partners? Your employees? Are they happy and fully involved in their missions? Do they share the values of your company and do they best contribute to achieving the vision? What is the basis for your identity?

In these troubled times resulting in generating disruptive operating models and innovative ideas, which Ikigai do you embody?

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